Schools and teachers are identifying young people early and delivering the Risk-Avert programme. Early findings show:


  • Teachers are more confident in identifying and dealing with risk behaviours

  • Schools are using risk profiles to target specific behaviours

  • Teachers can give examples of changes in behaviour and de-escalation in risk behaviours

  • Schools perceive clear benefits from intervening early and working positively with young people to build skills and resilience


Also, the programme provides the opportunity for schools to link up disparate risk behaviour areas (i.e. sex, substance misuse) and deliver a single approach.

  • Schools and teachers focus on earlier identification of risk behaviours

  • Teachers are better skilled and more able to perceive contributory factors to risk taking

  • Schools can identify trends in risk perception and behaviour

  • Teachers improve their ability to deploy evidence based approaches in changing or improving behaviour

  • Schools adopt a whole school approach to identifying and working with risk behaviours

Schools and teachers are better supported to identify emerging risk behaviours and deliver a targeted programme to help young people build resilience and make effective decisions. This includes:

  • Programme support and expertise

  • Screening tool and analysis

  • Evidence based sessions and tools

  • Online resources and social media

  • Regular consultation with developers and programme feedback mechanism

  • Opportunity to contribute to the development of the programme 

What Risk-Avert:Primary does