What are the effects?

  • Magic mushrooms are hallucinogens which means they can make you see things that aren’t really there

  • Mushrooms can make you feel relaxed and confident, however a ‘bad trip’ can cause paranoia and panic attacks

  • The effects of mushrooms can vary in intensity or length, depending on how many are taken.

‘Magic mushrooms’ is a slang word for psilocybe semilanceata or ‘liberty cap’ mushrooms (the most common type of ‘magic mushroom’ in the UK) and any other mushroom which produces similar ’trippy’ effects, like hallucinations.


Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms - The Risks

  • The biggest danger when taking magic mushrooms is the possibility of eating a poisonous mushroom by mistake. Many mushrooms are so poisonous eating them could be fatal.

  • They could give you a bad trip. These can be seriously frightening and unsettling. And you can't tell whether you're going to have a good or bad trip until it’s too late.

  • You can get flashbacks some time after taking magic mushrooms.