What are the effects?

  • Ecstasy makes people feel alert, in tune with their surroundings, and with sounds and colours often experienced as more intense.

  • Users may develop temporary feelings of love and                           affection for the people they're with and for the strangers                   around them.

  • The effects last between 4-6 hours 

Ecstasy (also known by its chemical name, MDMA). The effects take about half an hour to kick in and tend to last between 3 to 6 hours, followed by a gradual comedown.


Ecstasy - The Risks

  • Under the influence, you can feel anxious, panic attacks or paranoia

  • The comedown (i.e. after the effects have worn off) can leave you feeling sad, irritable and exhausted

  • Under the influence, some people dance alot which can lead to sweating, overheating and passing out

  • Some people try to prevent overheating by drinking lots of water but too much water can be risky and has lead to deaths

  • The next day or possibly several days later you may feel tired, lethargic or depressed. If this is you Get Support