Risk-Avert:Primary helps children: 

Build resilience

Learn skills to manage risk

Transition to secondary school

What is Risk-Avert:Primary?

Risk-Avert:Primary is a new development of the existing Risk-Avert programme aimed specifically at primary schools and focused on Year 6 pupils.

It aims to address early risk taking and provide the first stage in a spiral curriculum which develops alongside the child, culminating in the Risk-Avert programme during secondary school.


Everyone takes risks in life, and they are crucial to healthy development. Risk-Avert:Primary explores different ways of helping children understand and manage risk.


Risk-Avert:Primary takes a skills-based approach, meaning the programme is not focused on solely giving information to children on behaviours that are risky. Instead Risk-Avert:Primary focuses on what safe feels like, how we can identify risk and what practical steps we can take at any age to minimise and manage risky situations.


Risk-Avert:Primary can help you and your school deliver evidence-based interventions that help your children recognise risk, improve decision-making and stay safe.

This video will help you learn more about the programme.

How does it work?

Risk-Avert:Primary provides an early intervention and prevention approach to children in primary school.



It aims to help children identify and recognise risky situations, recognise when they feel unsafe and build simple and effective personal safety strategies.



The programme consists of a four-session main programme which can be delivered to a whole class or in smaller targeted groups, whole school resources, short online surveys, PSHE resources and one-to-one sessions.



The online surveys are anonymous. The pupils' answers directly influence the content of the programme, tailoring it exactly to the needs of your students. The data reports are provided to schools and help schools plan additional PSHE sessions and areas of focus.



All programme resources are accessed through this website and participating schools are given log-ins to the secure area.



Schools are provided with unlimited support to deliver and evaluate the programme.



Additional training and support can be provided alongside the main elements of the programme.

What can you expect?

The Risk-Avert programme is now delivered to over 60 schools in seven local authority areas. This academic year more than 10,000 young people will participate.


Monitoring and evaluating our services is crucial to us and over the coming academic year Risk-Avert will be subject to a independent academic evaluation which will help us evaluate effectiveness and further develop the programme.


As a new development of our existing approach and programme the evaluation of Risk-Avert:Primary will develop over the coming academic year, the intended outcomes of Risk-Avert:Primary are:

Increasing resilience by giving skills and strategies to children making them more able to face life's challenges.



Helping young people recognise and understand risky situations and behaviours and improve decision making.



Enabling young people to stay safe by recognising their personal unsafe feelings and by teaching practical safety strategies.



Risk-Avert:Primary helps schools plan and deliver effective lessons and interventions through the provision of tailored data.



Supporting the delivery of effective campaigns and whole school approaches.

What next?

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