Risk-Avert:Primary can deliver real benefits for children, teachers, schools and local authorities. Risk-Avert is currently running in over 60 schools, delivering support to more than 10,000 young people. This approach helps young people make better decisions, delivering improved outcomes for schools and local authorities.



Programme Process

Participating schools complete a very short online survey with their pupils. The survey is focused on use of the internet, this is due to it representing an early risk-taking behaviour that the majority of the young people will have experience of.

Schools are given access to the password protected elements of this website where they can access the programme resources. These include the main programme, PSHE resources, guidance and evaluation documents required to complete the programme.

Schools deliver the four session main programme to children in Year 6.

Before and after delivery evaluation measures are used to determine the effectiveness of the sessions against their intended outcomes.

To find out how Risk-Avert:Primary can help your school please get in touch.