Speed is the street name for a range of drugs called amphetamines. Amphetamines are stimulants which are drugs that can make people feel awake and alert. Most amphetamines are class B drugs, but methanphetanmine has been changed to a class A drug. 

     What are the effects?


  • Effects can last between 3 – 8 hours

  • It can Increase feelings of confidence or make users feel paranoid

  • Users may lose their appetite 

  • Users may feel 'hyper' 

  • Some people get very talkative

  • You feel like you have more energy


Problems with Amphetamines

  • Extreme tiredness (after use) 

  • Taking speed regualarly can cause weightloss (which can be risky and lead to other issues)

  • Speed can speed up your heart and make it work harder

  • Mixing speed and alcohol can be very risky as these drugs work differently putting more strain on your heart

  • Paranoia can set in when taking speed making you think something bad might happen or someone is out to get you

  • Feeling really tense

  • The day after might make you feel really sad, irritable and depressed

  • Under the influence of speed might make you feel confused or make you think unusual thoughts